Live a Life that Outlives You

Talent is a myth…I’ve met more successful people who’s work ethic far exceeds their talent. Be relentless and live a life that will far outlive you. #MondayMotivation

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Don’t Sleep Walk Through Life

We sleep for one-third of our life. Make sure you don’t sleepwalk through the other two-thirds. Wake up and be a battery. Energize yourself and those around you. Avoid dead batteries at all costs. Empty the tank today. After you kick today’s ass, go to bed empty. Go to bed empty and wake up recharged […]

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Hey everybody it’s coach Brader…It’s Monday morning and I’m fired up. Desire is different from ambition….everyone has the desire but do you have ambition. Ambition is the engine that gets you moving. What I’m about to say next is a little tricky….We can’t mistake movement for progress…just because you’re doing a lot doesn’t mean you’re […]

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