WHY NOT ME: An A-Z Memoir and Self-Help Guide for Overcoming Adversity, Addiction, and Relentlessly Pursuing Life Goals

Why Not Me is a personal memoir and self help guide that chronicles the life journey of Jason Brader, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Albright College. Jason shares his life’s stories and teaches different strategies that helped him overcome the loss of both of his parents to cancer while in high school, overcome addiction, and pursue his goal of becoming a collegiate strength coach. Jason’s unique life story is motivating and provides tools that will help you maximize your life’s potential. This book chronicles his journey from A-Z and provides a framework on how to overcome anything that’s thrown your way. Regardless of what stage of life you are in, this book is a must read to help you maximize your performance. You will be asking, “WHY NOT ME” and utilize the same motivational techniques as Jason to fulfill your true potential!!!

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