First Step

All it takes is the first step. On May 28th, 2018 I decided it was time to begin planning to sell my sports performance facility and begin my pursuit of becoming a college strength coach. After sending over 100 emails and only receiving three replies, my wife and son got in my Chevy Tahoe and headed down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My wife and son headed back and we said our goodbyes. What was initially going to be two months of preseason training turned into 8 months and getting hired as an assistant football strength coach at Louisiana Tech, selling my business June 1st, 2019, and eventually heading back to PA and becoming the Director of Sports Performance at Albright College. I was away from my family for a total of 14 months. During this time I had more ups than downs but the downs were extreme lows. Self doubt, paralyzing fear of losing everything, and wondering if it was all worth it. You will never make up missed time and I knew if I was going to be away from my family and miss birthdays and anniversaries that I need to make it count. Here is a video of some of my adventure. Now go out and begin your journey!

Best in Performance,

Coach Brader

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